I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Lehigh University, where I currently hold the Frank Hook Endowed Professorship for excellence in teaching and mentoring. I received my PhD in Economics from Washington University in St. Louis in May 2013, and joined Lehigh University in Fall 2013. My primary research fields are macroeconomics and econometrics, and my research focuses on  nonlinear models of the business cycle. 

In particular, I am interested in (i) how general nonlinearities in demand shocks transmit to the macroeconomy, (ii) how business cycle nonlinearities can help us interpret the decoupling between the output cycle and the labor market cycle,  and (iii) how we can use econometric methods to disentangle permanent from cyclical movements in macroeconomic variables in a way that is consistent with macroeconomic theory in order to correctly identify potentially nonlinear business cycle movements. 

I am also a member of the executive committee of the Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics.

In spring 2019 I am teaching  Eco 360/460: Time Series Analysis (MS Graduate), and Eco 029: Money, Banking, and Financial Markets. In  fall 2018 I was teaching Eco 365: Business, Government, and Macroeconomic Policy (undergraduate/ MS graduate advanced macroeconomics) and Eco 201: Fed Challenge (undergraduate).  I have also co-taught Eco 418 (Graduate PhD Seminar on advanced topics in macroeconomics).


Working Papers

Work In Progress

  • Weak Identification, the Pile-up Problem, and Finite-Sample Inference for ARMA Models. with James Morley and Charles R. Nelson (currently updating the draft, the previous draft is available on request) 
  • Learning Based Inflation Expectations in an Unobserved Components Model with Srikanth Ramamurthy
  • A Look at Jobless Recoveries in G7 Countries (with Ahmed Elroukh and Alex Nikolsko-Rzhevskyy)

Upcoming and Recent Presentations and Recent Media Coverage



  • I plan to attend the Southern Economic Association Meeting in November 2019
Recent presentations
  • I presented "A Look at Jobless Recoveries in G7 Countries" at the 27th Annual Symposium of the Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas in Dallas, Texas March 28th 2019.
  • I presented "When is Discretionary Fiscal Policy Effective" in an organized session on the macroeconomic effects of fiscal policy at the Eastern Economic Association Conference in New York, NY.
  • I presented "When is Discretionary Fiscal Policy Effective at the Southern Economic Association Conference  in Washington DC (November 17th-20th, 2018). My coauthors Erkmen Giray Aslim and Ahmed Elroukh presented our joint work. 
  • I presented "When is Discretionary Fiscal Policy Effective?"  at the Midwest Econometrics Group Meeting October 27th in Madison, Wisonsin
  • I presented "Is Business Cycle Nonlinearity Intrinsic in Industrialized Economies?" at the 5th Conference of the International Association for Applied Econometrics (IAAE 2018) June 26th-29th in Montreal, Canada
  • I visited the University of Zagreb June 14th-21st, 2018 where I taught a workshop on Empirical Tools in Macroeconomics June 18th-21st
  • I presented "Is Business Cycle Nonlinearity Intrinsic in Industrialized Economies?" at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater on April 13th, 2018

Recent Media

  • I discussed my work on jobless recoveries and low growth in wages in an interview for ILUminate
  • My work with Chad Meyerhoefer and Richard Manski was featured on The Hill