Current Classes

  • Economics 3311: Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
  • Economics 4386: Contemporary Economic Policy, Advanced Undergraduate
  • Economics 4385/5397: Business and Economic Forecasting
  • Economics 6302: Macro 1

The class notes and the most recent version of the syllabi are available on eLearning. Please check eLearning for the most up to date version of the syllabus, the class notes, and the class schedule. The syllabi will also be available on UTD's CourseBook.

Former Classes at Lehigh University

Former Classes at WUSTL

  • Economics 508
    The class website for Economics 508, including the Syllabus, Homework Assignments, and Class Notes is located here. The class website is maintained by WUSTL's economics department, and other instructors may have made changes to it since I last taught the class in 2012.

Teaching Evaluations

A chronological list of the classes I've taught and summaries of my evaluations can be accessed here.